Influenced by a city that never sleeps, artist Amos 747 lives up to his producer tag “Nobody loves a party more than famous Amos”. Recurring themes of horror, love, lust and the seduction of the night culminate in eerie reflections of his life, weaving a haunting narrative that resonates with both darkness and allure.

Having grown up in the city of Montreal surrounded by studios and jam spaces, his passion for music was ignited at a young age. In 2017, he began his journey as a producer, drawing inspiration from a diverse music catalogue and his surroundings. A year and a half later, he would start to learn to engineer for his peers.

In 2019, Amos would record his first song, “Vetement Jeans”, marking his debut as an artist. However, he made a decision to shift his focus onto other endeavours, taking a year-long hiatus to explore new avenues, refine his sound, and gather inspiration

He returned to the studio in late 2020 with a renewed sense of purpose. He began working on what would later become his debut EP, “Genesis”.

This body of work would serve as a milestone in Amos’ artistic journey, showcasing his growth, talent, and unique perspective. Around the same time he would produce Novakane’s “Nitetime” which would mark the first of many collaborations and become one of the lead singles of Novakane’s debut mixtape “Toxic”.

Since the release of his debut EP and the success of his collaborations, Amos has been focusing on releasing singles and delivering memorable live performances. As a member of the esteemed GOATBOYZKULT collective, alongside Novakane and KILLCMAC, they continue to push boundaries and contribute to the vibrant music scene.